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Short review of every page:

Passport - Here you can see a sort of profile about Will Smith. Some pics are included.

Biography - A summing up of Will's life that I think is interesting.

Recordings - This includes every album and single that has been released (that I know of).

TV-Series - This page is dedicated to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, my favorite TV-Serie of all-time!!

Awards - I made a list of the (Grammy) Awards Will has won through-out the years. (that I know of)

Filmography - This page is the largest. It contains links to my own made MIB, ID4, Made In America etc. pages. Check It Out!!

Links - The best links included, the fullest list I've seen on the Internet!

Celebrity Addresses - This contains the address of Will Smith: This address can be used to write to Will.

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