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Men In Black Soundtrack

Track Listing & Links:

  • Men In Black - Will Smith - aiff wav real audio

    The soundtrack video from the movie. ----->

      PRODUCERS: Poke and Tone for Track Masters Entertainment
      WRITERS: Will Smith, Patrice Rushen, Terry McFadden, Fred Washington
  • We Just Wanna Party With You - Snoop/Jermaine D aiff wav
      PRODUCER: Jermaine Dupri fo So So Def Productions
      WRITERS: Jermaine Dupri, Snoop Doggy Dogg, R.Bell, J.Taylor
      G.Brown, R.Bell, C.Smith, R.Mickens,, w-E.
  • I'm Feelin You - Ginuwine
      PRODUCER: Mookie for Souf Coast Productions and Intelligent Music Inc.
      WRITERS: Ginuwine, Mookie
  • Dah Dee Dah - Alicia Keys
      PRODUCER: Reese Johnson for BDI Productions, Inc
      WRITERS: Alicia Keys, T.Smith, Reese Johnson
  • Just Cruisin' - Will Smith
      PRODUCERS: Poke and Tone for Track Masters Entertainment
      WRITERS: Will Smith, Nasir Hones, Kenneth Stover
  • The Notic - The Roots Feat. D'Angelo
      Producers: The Roots, James Poyser, Kelo
      WRITERS: Tariq Collins, Amitr Thompson, James Poyser, Larry Dunn
      Maurice White, w-Phillip Bailey
  • Make You Happy - Trey Lorenz
      PRODUCERS: M Carey, Cory Rooney, Trey Lorenz
      WRITERS: Cory Rooney, w-Trey Lorenz, w-Honey B, w-Fly
      w-Mick Guzauski, w-Alex Lowe, w-Kenny S
  • Escobar 97 - Nas aiff wav real audio
      PRODUCERS: Poke and Tone for Track Masters Entertainment
      WRITERS: Rich Travali, Toby Rodriquez, Poke and Tone for Track Masters
  • Erotik City - Emoja
      PRODUCERS: Deconzo Smith, Jerome Malcom
      WRITERS: T Footman, E Taylor, T Wimbley MUSIC: D Smith
  • Same Ol' Thing - Tribe Called Quest
      PRODUCERS: The Ummah
      WRITERS: Toy Smalios, Bob Powers, Ben Arrindell, Charles McCrorey
  • Killing Time - Destiny's Child aiff wav
      PRODUCER: Dwayne Wiggins
      WRITERS: Dwayne Wiggins, Tara Stinson
  • Waiting For Love - 3T
      PRODUCERS: ?
      WRITERS: John Howcott, Emanuel Officer, Donald K. Parks
  • Chanel No. Fever - De La Soul
      PRODUCERS: De La Soul
      WRITERS: Kelvin Mercer, David Jolicoeur, Vincent Mason
  • Cow Fonque (Sometea, Vicar?) - Buckshot LeFonque
      PRODUCER: B Marsalis
      WRITER: B Marsalis

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