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Alfonso Ribeiro

Glitter, Glamour, Computers!
Transcript of the NBC All-Star Chat from January 15, 1996

Part Four

Host NBCshows:
Now joining us, from the cast of "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," Alfonso Ribeiro and Joseph Marcell and James Avery. Welcome!

Joseph: Hello welcome...and happy new year!

Alfonso: ditto, ditto, ditto!

James: ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto!

Host NBCshowhost:
From the web: What is Will Smith REALLY like!

Alfonso: You see him every day...the way we see him....

James Avery: He needs counseling :-)

Host NBCshowhost:
Everyone always says, "that's the price of fame". What have you found to be the price of fame?

Alfonso: Not being able to go out and be on a date and just be with that person. (hahaha)

James Avery: I can't go through the price club!

Joseph: I can't buy cheap gas....I have to buy super unleaded.

Alfonso says: this is British humor... for all of us Americans who don't get it.

Host NBCshowhost:
James, what was it like working with Sherman Helmsley on "Fresh Prince"?

James Avery: It was great! That is George Jefferson. That's part of the perks of doing this job!

Host NBCshowhost:
Anacapa: dance for us Alfonso

Host NBCshowhost:
Cyber Disco!

Alfonso: I'm doing it right now....

Alfonso: yes, I'm doing it right now.

Host NBCshowhost:
JoshP: Any of you: what was your favorite Fresh Prince episode (my personal favorite is the dramatic episode where Will gets shot)

Joseph: My favorite episode was the funny one where Will and Carlton get arrested and meet an Opera singer in jail.

James Avery: the Pool Hall episode...where Jeffrey whips out Lucille.

Alfonso Ribeiro: The one where Trevor dies bunjee jumping.

Host NBCshowhost:
CaptainJean-LucPicard: I love The Fresh Prince, and Alfonso I heard that you won a celeb race about 7 months ago, what did you win, and congrats!

Alfonso Ribeiro: The Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach...

Alfonso: I am the two-time champion and I am going back to defend my title this year...I will also be racing in...

Alfonso: ...Cleveland, Ohio, St. Petersburg Florida and Detroit, Michigan.

Host NBCshowhost:
From HTTV on the web ( danie: Mon, Jan 15, 11:35PM EDT (-0400 GMT) Alfonso, I know you're always gettin' dissed by the chicks on FPBA, but I'd be happy to be your girl!

Alfonso Ribeiro: Well how old are ya!

Host NBCshowhost:
Bob Wright--President of NBC has entered the House!

Host NBCshowhost:
Krista: Mon, Jan 15, 11:36PM EDT (-0400 GMT) for Joseph Marcell - you probably have one of the best parts on the Fresh Prince - those one liners really get me!

Joseph Marcell: That's really good...

Joseph: I am pleased you appreciate the character...but you should see the episode where Jeffrey gets totally plastered on egg nog.

Host NBCshowhost:
JoshP: I think both Ashley & Hillary have gotten more beautiful since the show first started. What do you guys think??

Alfonso: YES, they have and they're looking beautiful tonight.

James and Alfonso: AND KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF!

Joseph says: Ditto, ditto, ditto. and DITTO!

Host NBCshowhost:
yellowdog4: James - what was your favorite sitcom of all time to work on ?

James: This one: Fresh Prince!

Host NBCshowhost:
Alfonso- why does Will make fun of Carlton's height, you don't look short.

Alfonso Ribeiro: It's only because he's so tall...

Alfonso: He's 6'2" I'm 5'7" and James is 6'4"!!!

Alfonso: Even Joseph's taller than I am :-)

Host NBCshowhost:
danie: Mon, Jan 15, 11:38PM EDT (-0400 GMT) My fave episode of the Fresh Prince is when Carlton (Alfonso) sings with Tom Jones!!! Any funny stories from that episode?

Joseph Marcell: Tom Jones comes to the set...and is rehearsing "It's Not Unusual"

Joseph...his lifetime hit. Mr. Ribeiro has the prescence of mind, the creative fact, the damn nerve to tell Mr. Jones when you start singing the words!

Joseph: We all blushed with embarrassment! And Tom said, "Thank you, thank you for your help...but I think I'll take it from here."

Host NBCshowhost:
D_Pederson: Ask them if any of them have dated Madonna

James: Oh, please...hasn't everybody?

Alfonso: No, but if she's listening....

Alfonso: I live around the corner!

Joseph: I read her book.

Host NBCshowhost:
danie: Mon, Jan 15, 11:41PM EDT (-0400 GMT) Alfonso, e-mail me at I'd love to hear from ya big boy! You're the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alfonso Ribeiro: Why thank you!

Host NBCshowhost:
Alfonso--where did they come up with "The Carlton Dance"??

Alfonso Ribeiro: Actually, I stole it from Eddie Murphy and Courteney Cox...

Alfonso: Remember when she was in the Bruce Springsteen video? So, Courteney, thank you very much!

Joseph Marcell: I'm looking for a couple of posters of the Royal Shakespeare Company in Sherlock Holmes in 1974 in DC and!

James Avery: I'm looking for a poster from Black Orpheus, Brazilian movie 1956 57.

Host NBCshows:
A photo of Crystal Bernard, Steven Weber and the producers of "Wings" at the chat is now available to be uploaded in the NBC All-Star BBS folder in the SuperNet Auditorium. Go word: NBC Party.

Alfonso: And I'm looking for someone to love...every Playboy issue from 86 to 90 :-) (big laugh) Thank you very much.

ALL: We all love you very much... Thank you!

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